Sonata Sangiovese. 2013


Sonata- Musical Composition for a Solo Instrument.

100% Wolfgang Vineyard Sangiovese – Alc/Vol:14.0 – Ph:3.54

This Sangiovese and I go way back. I managed this privately owned vineyard from dormancy to harvest, and took the fruit under my wing to create Coda’s first bottled wine. The Vineyard is in central Santa Ynez Valley, near the town of Solvang. With only 2 acres, this vineyard produced only about 1.5 tons, creating densely concentrated fruit with small berries. I attribute this to the excellent dark color that resembles more closely to a Syrah. Although the ink colored Sangiovese might be perceived as a jammy-fruit forward bomb, the palate expresses more bright fruit, dust and leather.

 PAIRS WITH: The 2013 Sangiovese is a fun wine that I think will appeal to anyone. That’s why I would pour this with some friends and Alabama Shakes, preferably their album Boys and Girls (2012), which has an uptempo americana style rock that everyone can enjoy.

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