Medley Rose. 2014


Medley:­ A music piece composed from parts of existing pieces

60% Alisos Vineyard Grenache – 32% Thompson Vineyard Syrah – 8% Kingsley Sauvignon Blanc – Alc/Vol: 13.6 – Ph: 3.4

Now this is not your average Rose. A blend of three different varietals: Grenache, Syrah, and Sauvignon Blanc. Yes, Sauvignon Blanc. The Grenache from Alisos Vineyard was lightly foot stomped and set to rest for about 5 hours, then lightly pressed and transferred to age in neutral french oak barrels for 5 months. Adding the Thompson Vineyard Syrah before bottling added a hint of pink and riper fruit notes. Overall, I found great acidity in this wine that compliments the hint of sweetness. Jolly Rancher watermelon, juicy sweet strawberry fruit along with a silk mid-palate.

PAIRS WITH: This rose has a lot of different components all coming together to create individual complex characteristics,much like jazz music. I would put on the great jazz album, Dave Brubeck- Time Out (1959). Filled with unbelievably bad-ass individual musical talent that when played together, creates a medley that can be only be correlated with this outlier rose.

Dave Brubeck- Time Out(1959) ►

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