Spencer Daley


My passion for winemaking started for me at the age of 16, making small batches of Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon in my home garage. Using trash bins as fermentors, and a small basket press, I grew to love the process in the most simplistic form.

Today, SLYD Wines has stemmed to the Santa Barbara County region, to capture the brilliance of the Santa Ynez Valley and the amazing vineyards and farmers who make the area so unique.

The name SLYD is a representation of my love of music. SLYD has several different meanings in the music world, but almost all portray it as a portion or structure in a musical piece. I have also stuck to the theme, by naming each individual wine under the SLYD label as another piece in music, or a musical term in general. Overall, music is a lot like wine: They both reflect the artist who created it.

Enjoyment of both music and wine can also be affected by mood and surroundings. And finally, they each are better enjoyed with great company and friends. So please, grab a glass, tune in, and enjoy SLYD Wines!

-Spencer Daley

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